The Rakhi Day Weekend Ride


On the auspicious day of Rakhi, I  set out for the usual weekend ride, riding past the same old view from my house till hotel Marina. Though the ride had been planned the previous evening, nobody had turned up on time. So, I called up my buddies to find out their whereabouts and came to know they were officiating in the marathon (Raksha), which was being held on the Ridge. I waited for them to get back, wondering why it was taking them so long on their bikes till I got to know they were coming with the girls.

After the marathon got over, we started our ride towards Kalyani Helipad in Chhrabra. We went through Lakkar Bazar flying on our bikes even through the most congested areas. There were quite a few ramps on which we tried to lift our bikes three feet above the ground and eventually succeded. Back on the road, we were on our best speeds, overtaking the trucks and buses in our way as we got on to National Highway 22. Then began the worst and the best part of the mountain uphill and we gave each other tough competition for the first place. The beautiful road and the magnificient view of Hassan Valley (Asia’s densest forest) rejuvenated me with its beauty and serenity. It’s difficult to express in words the amazing vistas that one rides past on the stretch and one must experience it to believe it.


Sanchit who was throwing stones at him and Sushant got in soon after. We stopped briefly to eat some biscuits and drink Nimbooz to regain energy and took off again towards Kalyani, which took us five more minutes. On the way, Sanchit somehow managed to get his chain criss-crossed but luckily Akshit’s mechanical skills were able to fix Sanchit’s bike with some inputs from me. We found a ramp in Kalyani, which we used for clicking loads of pictures and then got back to the highway to head home in time to get my Rakhi tied.

Words by Gaurish, Edits by Rashmi BN


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