MakeMyTrip or ScrewMyTrip ?

Often pegged as the biggest travel company in india make my trip needs to work more on its customer service and infact handling operations more professionally. So here is the story.

I booked an air ticket – New Delhi to Charlotte and return to Delhi with makemytrip this july. I was supposed to fly back from charlotte to Delhi on the 12th of August. On the 5th of August i decided to extend my stay and called them to change the ticket. It took me almost an hour on the phone to get my ticket rescheduled to the 18th of August . A representative named Manish confirmed the receipt of payment ( a fee that included the airfare difference , airline fee as well as a MAKEMYTRIP FEE). He infact sent me an email confirming the receipt of payment and further remarked “that ill be sending you an e ticket also soon(although thats not really important)”, the confirmation email has a PNR and thats enough- (Attached is a screenshot of the confirmation). Assuming that the ticket has been booked( thats what one does once they get an email with flight details)

On the 10th of August i sent them an email again asking them to send me an e – ticket – i got no response to that.
So today as scheduled i reached the airport nearly 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Like in the normal scheme of things, I am at the checkin counter scanning my passport which kept throwing a message saying “Sorry no travel information available” . Surprised and confused i ask for help. The lady at the counter punches in my name in the system and she can’t find any details. She asks me for the e ticket . I show her the email Makemytrip sent me. She punches in the PNR and in what came as a major shock, says that you were supposed to fly out on the 12th and not today. I told her how i had rescheduled the ticket and changed to the 18th. She tried to punch in all the numbers available on the email and each one kept throwing flight details of the 12th. Utterly shocked i thought ill try to speak to make my trip and it just got worse from here! The only Toll free numbers provided on the website are actually numbers that require ISD facility on your phone. The lady at the airport tried to help me but couldn’t as none of us had ISD on our phone! I requested her to call Delta Airlines, which she did and found out that MAKEMYTRIP HAD ONLY BLOCKED TICKETS BUT DID NOT PAY THE AIRLINE FOR THE CHANGE WHEREAS THEY HAD CHARGED ME FOR THE CHANGE ON THE SAME DAY!
Delta airlines offered to book me on another flight for an additional charge, which i felt is a little premature as i hadn’t spoken to makemytrip thus far. So i finally got on a call with a customer representative( had to first get a calling card) from make my trip at around 5:40 with still a possibility to catch the flight which left at 6:50. But boy was I in for a surprise – They kept me online for 1 hour 20 minutes and were completely reluctant to accept they screwed this!

After confirming my details and phone number and email the customer representative has the nerve to say “ Sir the system is not showing anything – you were supposed to leave on the 12th” . At this point i was so infuriated but i decided to patiently try to address this. The guy was relentless though! Instead of accepting the fault and making the change he kept arguing and putting me on hold every 30 seconds for 5 mins – 10 mins or even more! The list of arguments that he gave me will make you feel like hitting me

–Sir Its not showing in the system
–Sir the system is not working
–Sir its the airlines fault – They changed the ticket(How on earth can an airline –change the ticket on their own! Are the bloody mad or what)
–Sir makemytrip will not pay for this change – we only pay when its our fault – If this is not your fault then bloody what is????!!!
–Sir the system is showing you changed your ticket to Atlanta
–The best of them all – Please call Lufthansa – Im bloody booked on KLM – Delta! Not Lufthansa!
–When i told him the airline is saying you dint pay up, he says the most ridiculous thing – “Sir unko phone do zara” (please pass the phone to the airline rep)
–Sir this is not our fault its the airlines fault they did a mistake you speak to them!

If i am supposed to speak to the airline what is your company there for? What do you charge that 1000 rupees MAKEMYTRIP FEE for? Isn’t that the service you provide? isn’t that what your value addition is? If I’m to speak to the airline directly why do i need you in between – aren’t you supposed to simplify the process!Oh BTW these needless conversations took nearly 90 minutes and the flight i was supposed to be on had left – This joker took 22 minutes to check if there is a flight available later in the day! by then even the next connection was out of reach!!

The least you can do is accept it was a mistake and help me get on the next flight but unfortunately you couldn’t as only ” ONE SUPERVISOR IS HERE AND HE IS ON ANOTHER CALL – WE WILL CALL YOU BACK IN 4 HOURS TO TELL YOU WHAT ALL WE CAN DO” – Screenshot attached!
The fact that you can take an international flight so lightly that your customer representative needs 90 minutes to sort something this simple speaks volumes about the organization. I understand mistakes can happen – atleas accept it! People save for years for a ticket like this and not everyone can afford these kind of fees and fares to be played around with! Here are few suggestions

1) Spend some time and money on training the call centre staff and customer reps properly – Learn from ( had called them and told them that i leave for Indian in two days and they ensured i got a delivery the next day ( even though it was not their fault) . Its called customer experience

2) If you deal with international flights for gods sake get an international toll free number people can call on!!!

3) Stop messing around with people!
Hope you take this seriously! I hope someone who matter in makemytrip can read this! Your work is to make things easier not complicate them!!! I hope you understand how serious is messing up solemnise flight from US to India ! what if i was in an medical emergency and couldn’t pay up more?!!!? who’s accountable?

P.S I held on to this note for more than the four hours your promised you will call me back in!!



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