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Day 1 – 4th UT MTB Shimla 2015
Day 1 – 4th UT MTB Shimla 2015

Beginners Guide to Better Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking is one of the fastest growing adventure sports around the world and in order to really enjoy the sport you need to start with a few basics. We all wish to fly our bikes of some beautiful single track but all that takes some amount of training. Here are some basics that will get you started with mountain biking

#1 Be strong and flexible.
The first step towards becoming a  better mountain biker is building strength and being flexible. When riding on rough trails stand on your pedals with knees slightly bent, it helps absorb bumps in the trail. Your body movements will determine your control on the train. Both Downhill and uphill riding require different type of body postures. However remember, building strength and technique is a slow and a gradual process.

Strength and Flexibility !

Strength and Flexibility !

#2 Ride the right bike.

Riding the right bike can make a huge difference. Finding a bike that fits your style and terrain you are going to ride on will not only help you enjoy your ride but fall in love with this sport. Wrong sized bikes can often lead to bad riding posture!

#3 Maintain your bike.

Its difficult to focus on the ride when you can hear strange noises from your bike. Regular bike maintenance can help avoid injuries or a long walk home. After each ride, wash, dry and lube  your bike – especially the drivetrain area(chain, cassette , etc)

Day 1 - 4th UT MTB Shimla 2015

You dont want to be left behind – Walking is always harder than riding :-)

 #4 Ride with experienced riders.

By observing and learning their techniques you can focus on becoming better and learn tips and tricks! In other words this will raise the bar for you!

Follow skilled riders!

Follow skilled riders!

 #5 Hydration

Its easy to forget to drink enough water on the ride, especially during the winters. Hydration and Salts are the key to a smooth ride as it helps keep energy levels up and avoid cramping.

Hydrate as much as you can!

Hydrate as much as you can!

Happy Riding!

All our authors are seasoned Mountain Bikers and Cyclists! They spend most of their time taming and exploring some world class trails!

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